dis-positiv is an artistic statement on the question of contemporary art and its future. The exhibition and its accompanying publications; including, magazines, web sites, discussions and educational programs deal with the manner, in which the historization of artwork, contemporary art theory and the institution of art influence the production of the art object and vice versa.

The exhibition is particular because it is not works of art that will be on display but rather the art theorists, critics and curators. As embodiments of their own discourse they are facing the public while physically seperated by a glass structure.

dis-positiv reflects our societies interest in the developments and strategies of contemporary art practice. The project offers the possibility to look behind the scenes of the official ’art industry’ and to view those that are responsible for creating the relationship between art and the public. As an exhibition concept dis-positiv wants to facilitates new ways of how to approach contemporary art.

The project started in Vienna , Academy of the Fine Arts (May 2-8, 2000), moving on to Cologne, Schnitt Ausstellungsraum (Oktober 13-14, 2000) to Bregenz, Magazin4 (November 6-12, 2000) and then to Berlin, staatsbankberlin (April 2-9, 2003). Additional exhibitions are planned for New York (spring 2006) and Neapel.

The goal of dis-positiv exhibition series is to challenge, to further construct and to deconstruct one aspect of modern art: its increasing overlap with discourse. The result is a wide documentation on the different perspectives of the artistic debate in each region. dis-positiv wants to promote the active exchange between artistic and theoretical positions.

Based on communication dis-positiv wants to bridge those that are responsible for the art industry and those receiving it, namely the public.

Contact: Richard Jochum, 94 Havemeyer Str. #4E, NY 11211, U.S.A., Phone 001-718-387 8229, rj2137@columbia.edu